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The purpose of Project ACHIEVE is to provide homeless persons the opportunity to break the cycle of homelessness in their lives through a tri-level approach which consists of:

    • shelter services — beds with locking drawers underneath; handicapped accessible restrooms with showers; commercial-grade kitchen and laundry facilities; activity area; children’s play room; two meals daily
    • program services — evening seminars, workshops and presentations on various topics designed to inform and/or inspire the clients, and prepare them for successful independent living; videos for adults and children; children’s activities; recreational and educational field trips
    • case management services — case plan development; goal priority development; money savings program; personal budgeting; personal and group counseling; employment preparation and placement; housing placement; information and referrals

 Program participants may reside in this 40-bed, non-emergency shelter facility for a maximum of sixty days (limited extensions may be granted on a case-by-case basis), after which case management continues up to one year following their placement in permanent or transitional housing.

 While our clients have been diverse, the "ideal" client is an individual who is employed or has a source of income, for whom two months of saved earnings will enable them to rent a house or apartment. To insure long-term success, clients are also required to be sober, drug-free, and active in counseling or a support group. Each client’s demonstrated desire to break the cycle of homelessness in his or her life is the determining factor for admission.

 Referrals to this program are solely received from the Glendale Services Center, which occupies the front one-third of our facility. Commonly referred to as the "One Stop" Center, the Glendale Services Center houses several agencies providing various services to the homeless population. Our shelter Team can refer our residents to the One Stop Center for additional services, resources and information to assist residents in their progress toward independent living.

 Following their acceptance into this program, the clients become involved in a three-step progression toward housing and independent living. We commonly refer to this process as "de-cycling" — ending the continuous cycle of homelessness, often marked by accessing stop-gap services and employing temporary measures, only to return to the streets, other shelters or other inadequate living arrangements. A chart illustrating the steps to de-cycling is follows below.

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Work programs across the country serve to help put cheap labor to work. In this case the ready to work boulder program does just that for what it needs to. It provides a cheaper source of labor than can be believed. 

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What is this work program in Boulder?

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Ready to Work Boulder: A work program for the homeless and working poor in Colorado.

Our Ready to Work program is helping to clean up & restore areas of the city. It's also restoring far more than we ever imagined possible, learn more about the program.

Bridge House plays a crucial role addressing homelessness in Boulder, Colorado. We are the entry point for many seeking a bridge out of homelessness.